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Content Delivery Network Trends August 2012

Top Content Delivern Network Technology Usage Trends 2012

AJAX Libraries API 20.55%
CloudFront 8.74%
Akamai 7.69%
Twitter CDN 3.09%
GStatic Google Static Content 1.89%
Limelight Networks 1.28%
Amazon S3 1.26%
Facebook CDN 1.15%
Yahoo Image CDN 1.03%
jQuery CDN 0.84%
Yahoo CDN 0.77%
CloudFlare 0.76%
WordPress Grid 0.69%
NetDNA 0.32%
Turner CDN 0.23%
DT00-DT09 0.16%
CDN JS 0.1%
CacheFly CDN 0.09%
Clear Channel Communications CDN 0.05%
Stackoverflow CDN 0.05%
Akamai Global Host 0.04%
Level3 0.02%
GoDaddy CDN 0.02%
Mosso 0.01%
Gawker 0.01%
CloudLayer 0.01%
Google Storage 0.01%
Limelight Networks FasterWeb 0.01%

Google Olympic Doodle 2012

It’s Pacman Day all over again …… I’m anxious to see just how many hours will be wasted today playing with Google’s Olympic 2012 Animation Doodle!

If you are one of the few who hasn’t played it yet check it out here.

Google Animation Doodle 2012 Olympic Hurdles

To view past Google Doodles visit their Google Doodle Archive.

What was your score? Post it in the comments below! Happy Hurdling !