Twizgrid: A New Way to View Twitter Through Photos

Twizgrid Twitter Picture App

San Francisco-based tech company, AJP Apps, offers a new way to view Twitter with their photo-centric iOS app, Twizgrid.

Twizgrid presents the visual side of Twitter in an unprecedented manner. Photos uploaded to Twitter stream into the grid-like format, transforming simple tweets into a collection of photos. Discover content by searching for keywords, browse topics in the ever-changing curated albums, or view images from individual Twitter accounts.

“With 500 million registered Twitter users and more than 175 million tweets per day, we feel there is a vast untapped resource of incredible photos on Twitter,” says co-founder Chauncey Regan. “Twizgrid provides a richly layered experience. While photos remain our ultimate focus, the inclusion of corresponding tweets and Twitter profiles provides an invaluable frame of reference for the images. It’s truly a window to the world.”

Twizgrid also offers a unique way to view photos around you. Using the integrated map, searches may be narrowed by current location or through specifying any other desired point. Users can search for food within 5 miles of San Francisco, or fashion within 10 miles of New York, providing an endlessly dynamic experience.

Photo apps have become big business. The recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, at a staggering $1 billion, sent shock waves throughout the tech industry. 150 million photos have been shared through Instagram, while Facebook, with an impending $100 billion IPO, boasts 250 million images shared per day. “It was shocking to us that no one had made a serious attempt at utilizing the photos on Twitter, one of the world’s leading social networks,” states Ms. Regan.

AJP Apps previously developed a photo contest app called Me+My, which was released in December 2011 and has consistently been featured among Apple’s “What’s Hot” list within the social networking category.

Twizgrid is available for free on the iPhone. iPad , and iPod Touch.

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